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Dragracing friends that became a club. Established 12/08/09 Over 70 Members
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Club will meet at 6:30 Thursday, August 2nd at the Truck World off Rt.62 and I80.

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 Racing at club events

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King of the Hill
King of the Hill

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PostSubject: Racing at club events   May 25th 2010, 10:32 pm

I feel the need to mention the fact that not all members can make the club events. When the events are planned it is the clubs intention to schedule as friendly as possible for everyone in the club but that is impossible. So I want everyone to know that you are not expected to make every event. No one wants any member to be left out because of their work schedules , finances or whatever we started this club to have FUN and drag race when possible. I will admit the economy bug has bit me and I cannot run like I have in the past not to mention some health problems, so please do what is possible and do not feel guilty if you cannot make all the events and have Fun with your hot rod, race when you can and remember this is a club and if you need help to race make some calls I,ll bet you can find some even if it is from a know it all like me !!! LOL
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PostSubject: Re: Racing at club events   May 26th 2010, 10:53 am

This is so true Amac, while making the reminder calls sometime I get the responce that they have to work ,I will always say that that is a good thing with this economy. The members that can't make it, there will always be another race........
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Racing at club events
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