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Club will meet at 6:30 Thursday, August 2nd at the Truck World off Rt.62 and I80.

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 Cleaning Lexan

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PostSubject: Cleaning Lexan   August 18th 2010, 7:50 pm

First an foremost I wash mine with just warm water, no detergents, it should be treated like a fine paint job, do not rub dirt into it, that'll scratch it worse. After cleaning the dirt if ya have some fine scratchs or cloudy spots use some real fine polishing compound or 3M Machine Glaze an polish them out. Now ya got a film ya gotta get rid of, what I do is use a good automotive wax an a foam polishing pad an wipe it on softly. I been using Meguiars Gold Carnaubu Plus, its easy to apply an wipes off well, no streaks, its a wax so ya kinda have to polish it out. When yer done the lexan will look nearly new again. Usually if the windows are taken care of all ya need to do is wash em off an wax em real good an they are done.

Don't ever use plexiglass for a substitute, it will break similar to glass an cut ya bad, lexan is a soft plastic that will not break, 1/8 inch will stop a .22 rimfire.


Thats my best approach, how dow the rest of ya do it?
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PostSubject: Re: Cleaning Lexan   August 18th 2010, 8:19 pm

for real deep scratchs I have used the blue jewlers rouge on a drill with a small wool wheel run it real slow... it takes some time but you can get them to almost dissappear...
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Cleaning Lexan
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