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Club will meet at 6:30 Thursday, August 2nd at the Truck World off Rt.62 and I80.

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PostSubject: JULY 3RD - THOMPSON RACEWAY - RENEGADE RACING   June 27th 2011, 9:08 pm

Sunday!!…Sunday!!…Sunday!!…July 3rd at Thompson Raceway Park in Thompson, Oh, marks the running of the Independence Eve Explosion. The Renegade Racing Association will be back in action supporting “The King of Quake” Bob Motz. The series caters to street-type vehicles with 2 heads-up style index classes and 1 heads-up class pitting drag radial tires vs. true 10 inch tires. The RENEGADE RACING ASSOCIATION has grown in popularity with both fans and its competitors due to its close 'Heads-up style' racing and the excitement of street racing [though now held at the track]. The July 3rd race is held in conjunction with TRP's normal bracket racing program and FIREWORKS.

The Shearer-Fab 8.90 index and the RENEGADE 10.50 index classes are for street-type vehicle [domestic and metric] with no tire restrictions and no 'bracket type' electronics permitted, bringing driver skill and hands-on fine tuning back into index racing.

The Street Lethal Performance OUTLAW LIMITED STREET is the home of big horsepower and little tires competing in a 1/8 mile format, pitting nitrous vs. turbo vs. supercharged in a first to the finish battle.

Series supporters include Ultra Tech Racecars, Goodyear, TI Dyno, Skippy Did It Race Cars, Johnboy Photography, Abruzzi Racing Transmissions, Chumley Motorsports, CP Auto Graphics, Burt Brown Racing Transmissions, Wright Tool, Ashtabularacing.com, Quarter Mile Finish, EZ Plate Systems, Mickey Thompson Tires, Hydrocustomz, Shearer-Fabrications, and Street Lethal Performance.

For additional details and more information check out renegaderacingassociation.com
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Brock Spangler


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PostSubject: Re: JULY 3RD - THOMPSON RACEWAY - RENEGADE RACING   June 28th 2011, 4:06 am

I will be going sunday!!
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PostSubject: Re: JULY 3RD - THOMPSON RACEWAY - RENEGADE RACING   July 5th 2011, 11:31 am

Once Again, Thanks to the racers, the fans, and all the people who help make these races happen...

10.50 Highlights and Recap

We had an impressive 24 cars battling for the top 16 spots, when the qualifying dust settled Ed Dominiak held down the TI Dyno #1 Qualifying Spot with a 10.51. The next 5 cars were also in the 10.50's and the 16th qualifier ran a 10.75. The elimination rounds were some of the closest races the series has ever seen, with margins of victory of less than .002. The semi-finalists were Jim Loveland, Jack Brown, Mike Walker, and Ed Dominiak. The finals boiled down to a classic Chevy vs. Ford (Car vs. Truck) match-up, Ed Dominiak with his 1969 Camaro defeated Jack Brown's 1980 Ford F-100. Jack broke out handing the victory to Ed, who also claimed the Ashtabularacing.com “Assassin” money for his wire to wire victory, as well as the E-Z Plate Systems bonus cash. Since the victory actually came of the 4th of July it was extra sweet for Ed and his proud family ~ Ed is a U.S. Armed Forces Veteran.

We also held a bonus race for the 10.50 racers who fell short of qualifying for the top 16 spots. 8 racers fought hard through their eliminations, and the finals came down to Chris Hyatt with his wheel standing, stick shifted 1964 Nova defeating Ed Corcino's 1979 Malibu.

Shearer-Fab 8.90 Highlights and Recap

We had a full field of 16 racers who kept the crowd entertained late into the night, wrapping up our final round shortly after 1:00 am on the 4th. The Chumley Motorsports #1 Qualifier was our very own webmaster, Ray Litz and his turbo-charged Firebird, running an 8.91. The top 6 qualifiers were all under 9.06, and anchoring the #16 spot was Brian Chumley with a 9.68. The elimination rounds were filled with several tight finishes and narrow margins of victory. The semi-finalists were Paul Suloff, Ray Litz, Gary Moore, and Al Matuska. The finals came down to Paul Suloff in Big John's 1967 all motor SBC Camaro vs. Ray Litz, in a classic power adder vs. all motor final with Paul Suloff covering both ends of the track to take the win. Paul also collected the Ashtabularacing.com “Assassin” money for eliminating the #1 Qualifier. Paul took advantage of the Wright Tool deal so he will be receiving a check from Wright Tool for his victory, and Ray Litz will also receive Wright Tool runner-up money.

Street Lethal Performance Outlaw Limited Street Highlights and Recap

Don Turner takes another victory in the Street Lethal Performance Outlaw Limited Street Class as well as his second Ultratech Racecars #1 Qualifier bonus with a 5.22. The hot temperatures and the high track temps put a damper on seeing the true potential of the cars that were entered in the race, however the crowd was crazy about the displays of raw power and the drivers ability to guide their cars down the track. Dave Hinzman's Pro-Charged BBC Mustang is capable of running over 200mph, so be on the lookout Dave's return later on this season to give Don Turner's nitrous-fed big block Camaro a true run for his money.

Congratulations to all our racers!!! We are looking forward to seeing EVERYONE July 23rd at Thompson Raceway Park!!!! Thanks to Jim Curtis and his staff for having us at the track!!!

We would also like to thank all of our great sponsors who help make this series go!!!
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King of the Hill
King of the Hill

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PostSubject: Re: JULY 3RD - THOMPSON RACEWAY - RENEGADE RACING   July 5th 2011, 7:57 pm

Thankyou Tom for taking time to give our little site an update, we are very proud of our members that have participated in the Renegade racing and still have some trying to get in. We will keep following this great class of racing it seems to be a favorite for all the racers who are tired of the bracket,s and the fans can relate to heads up easier also.
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PostSubject: Re: JULY 3RD - THOMPSON RACEWAY - RENEGADE RACING   July 5th 2011, 8:06 pm

I'd rather be LUCKY than good any day, Sunday I was Lucky an GOOD ! The Z went fairly straight every pass an coulda dead hooked on a dirt road even with the little tires, 10.5 wide compared to the 12 inch wide drag radials on the Mustang. Lots of cars werer having traction problems that hadn't before. I'll be back next race with more power too, I'm gonna need.
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